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Justine Rory Ramos

I consider myself to be an ambitious person and I know that some things I wish to accomplish seem out of reach, but I also know I was not put on this soil to dream small. There is so much good that we can each do and I am often driven by my curiosity and fear of never knowing. 

I am passionate about many things ranging from many different topics. There will always be a special place in my heart for literature and language as I love to read & write. I enjoy travelling, exploring new places and meeting new people. I am very involved with social justice and activism. I believe we should ask ourselves what we want to give the future generations and strive to achieve that in our everyday lives.

I am constantly inspired by those in my community and around the world and I aim to inspire others as well. I am independent. I am organized. I am determined. I am hard working and I am always searching for a deeper level of understanding in all aspects of my life, as I believe that there is always more than just what meets the eye.


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