Our lives are filled with twists and turns and an inability to predict exactly where our paths may lead. With the people that we meet, and the decisions that we make, we can journey down roads we never intended to travel. Using genuine and emotion filled words, each chapter reveals the stories of people that have one thing in common—they are human beings.

Angles of Reality

  • Winnipeg Voices of Resilience & Stories of Courage
    Soft Cover Book


    From topics touching upon mental health, addictions, and everyday struggle, this book implores open mindedness and encourages readers to move forward with an open heart. Using advocacy and education, we can grow to become a more accepting community that takes another step forward to making a difference and creating an opportunity for reconciliation to bloom. These truth baring stories break down the lived experiences of individuals in Winnipeg and force us to examine the bias’ that shape our views of each other and ourselves.